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John G. Crabtree

Is board-certified in appellate practice by The Florida Bar, is a member of the American Law Institute, and has argued before all of Florida’s state and federal appellate courts–including the Supreme Court of the United States.               Read more...


Charles M. Auslander

Is a highly experienced attorney who has engaged in appellate practice during most of his legal career, which includes holding public positions as lead administrator and executive director of two government agencies.                       Read More...


George R. Baise Jr.

Is an experienced appellate lawyer who has successfully appealed a wide range of complex civil cases. He began working with Mr.  Crabtree in 1997, and has been a full-time member of Crabtree & Auslander since 2008.                            Read More...


Brian C. Tackenberg

Is an effective client advocate with a strong background in appellate law that includes in-depth legal research and the preparation of written arguments. Mr. Tackenberg began his legal career as a staff attorney for.                                Read More...